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2012 Playoff Formula

Each team will be assigned a level based on their ranking

Level 1- Teams ranked 21-25
Level 2- Teams ranked 16-20
Level 3- Teams ranked 11-15
Level 4- Teams ranked 6-10
Level 5- Teams ranked 1-5

Points will be awarded based on the level of your opponent

Win vs. Level 1= 1 point
Win vs. Level 2= 2 points
Win vs. Level 3= 3 points
Win vs. Level 4= 4 points
Win vs. Level 5= 5 points

Points will be awarded based on the level of the team when the game is played. Teams can change levels throughout the season.

Playoff seed will be determined by using the following formula:

Total Points / Ranking

The Top 16 teams will make the playoffs
The Top 8 teams will receive one bye
The Top 4 teams will receive two byes

List of 2012 Teams and Owners

Arizona Diamondbacks--Nick Castenir
Atlanta Braves--------Tony Hopkins
Baltimore Orioles-----Kodi Simon
Boston Red Sox--------Dave May
Chicago Cubs----------JB Miller
Cincinnati Reds-------Billy Link
Cleveland Indians-----Dane Chester
Houston Astros--------Mike Jones
Los Angeles Angels----Alex Bierut
Los Angeles Dodgers---Rich Kammer
Miami Marlins---------Dave Jones
Milwaukee Brewers-----Bobby Bolin
Minnesota Twins-------Alycia Link
New York Mets---------Steven Wilson
New York Yankees------Frankie Ciacchi
Oakland Athletics-----Ryan Bolin
Philadelphia Phillies-Teddy Knisely
Pittsburgh Pirates----Bev Cunningham
San Franicisco Giants-Tyler Porvaznik
Seattle Mariners------Ryan Sopko
St. Louis Cardinals---Devin Cunningham
Tampa Bay Rays--------Brian Bolin
Texas Rangers---------Bob Bolin
Toronto Blue Jays-----Bridget Link
Washington Nationals--Kyle Vitou