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This will be similar to Monday Night Football.
Every Sunday (or another day if agreed upon by the two teams) we will tape one game using two different camera angles and I will edit the tape to make it into an actual broadcast.
I will then upload each game to YouTube leaving out people's actual names. Here is the revised schedule for 2010.

2010 Bolin League Broadcast Schedule
Date Away Shirt Hat Home Shirt Hat Site
4-Apr-10 St. Louis Cardinals Red Navy/Red Tampa Bay Rays Navy Navy Bolin Field
11-Apr-10 Boston Red Sox Red Navy Baltimore Orioles Black Black Bolin Field
18-Apr-10 Texas Rangers Red Red New York Yankees Navy Navy Deckside
25-Apr-10 Chicago Cubs Blue Blue/Red Toronto Blue Jays Black Black Bolin Field
2-May-10 Chicago White Sox Black Black Cincinnati Reds Red Red Bolin Field
9-May-10 Houston Astros Burnt Orange Black Tampa Bay Rays Light Blue Navy Bolin Field
16-May-10 Cleveland Indians Navy Navy (CW) Arizona Diamondbacks White Dark Red Deckside
23-May-10 Tampa Bay Rays Gray Navy Milwaukee Brewers White Navy Bolin Field
30-May-10 Los Angeles Angels Red Red Philadelphia Phillies Blue Red Deckside
6-Jun-10 Los Angeles Dodgers Blue Blue Cleveland Indians White Navy Deckside
13-Jun-10 Milwaukee Brewers Gray Navy Florida Marlins Teal Black Deckside
20-Jun-10 Minnesota Twins Gray Navy (M) Oakland Athletics Yellow Green/Yellow Bolin Field
27-Jun-10 St. Louis Cardinals Gray Navy Florida Marlins Black Black Deckside
4-Jul-10 Toronto Blue Jays Charcoal Black Baltimore Orioles Orange Black Bolin Field
11-Jul-10 Arizona Diamondbacks Black Black Los Angeles Dodgers White Blue Deckside
18-Jul-10 Florida Marlins Teal Black Houston Astros White Black Deckside
25-Jul-10 Milwaukee Brewers Navy Navy St. Louis Cardinals White Red Deckside
31-Jul Playoffs 1st Rd Teams TBA TBD
1-Aug Playoffs 2nd Rd Teams TBA TBD
7-Aug Playoffs 2nd Rd Teams TBA TBD
8-Aug Playoffs 3rd Rd Teams TBA TBD
14-Aug Playoffs 4th Rd Teams TBA TBD
15-Aug Bolin League Championship Game Teams TBA Deckside